This work was commissioned by the Scottish Conservation Studio in conjunction with Aberdeen Football Club Heritage Trust.

The Football was used by Aberdeen Football Club in their tour of South Africa in 1937.  Unfortunately some original text had been over-written and extremely difficult to read with the naked eye.  Through the use of filters I was able to 'pull' some text and hide others, therefore enabling the Heritage Trust to read some of the original text.  Below are the before (colour) and after (black and white) photographs.

Below are two images from a J.S. Lowry picture. The original below had a very faded signature.  I was requested, on photographing the original for archival purposes (below), to enhance the signature (image below the top one). As you can see, it is now readable. If you require this kind of work, please get in touch for a quote. 

The photographs below are very old images that have been re-touched and enhanced.  If you should like your photographs to be re-touched or enhanced please email them as jpeg file types to me and I will give you a quote.  Colour images can also be retouched.  Prices start at £40 and the two images below would fall into that category of price for each image.